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Spring Forward to Eagle

Citizenship Merit Badge Workshop

Often underappreciated due to the dry subject matter, the Citizenship merit badges are often left to the end of a Scout's Eagle journey. This class aims to change that by offering all three merit badges; Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, and Citizenship in the World, taught as single two-day course learning what it means to be a citizen of one's community, nation and world. The course will focus on group work and an engaging, fun and informative way to teaching these vital merit badges.

This class is offering all three merit badges taught as a single two-day course, learning what it means to be a citizen of one's community,...


In this class, Scouts will learn from experienced cooking instructors a vital skill of adulthood; feeding themselves. Using our training kitchen and the patrol method, Scouts will not only learn how to plan meals for camping trips, but how to plan and execute meals for themselves and their families.

Lunch is included with this class.

Family Life, Personal Management, Personal Fitness and Environmental Science

Scouts will spend the class earning requirements and working together to accomplish tasks. Scouts will also create a Google document log so that they may keep records of improvement as the badges stipulate. 

Parents, Merit Badge Counselor and Scout leader will have access to this log to help remind the Scout to keep it up to date.

Three months later, the Scouts are welcome to attend any Merit Badge Make UP Day to display their results and to finish any remaining requirements.

In this class Scouts will work on their Personal Fitness and begin their personal fitness logs.  Once they complete their 90 day fitness log...

First Aid and E-Prep

In this combined class, Scouts will learn the vital skills to save themselves and others from hazardous situations. Guided by our experienced staff in the field of emergency medicine, Scouts will have the opportunity to earn their First Aid and Emergency Preparedness merit badges in a single day intensive course. Please make sure you have your Scout book to verify that you have reached the rank of First Class.

In order to participate in this class, Scouts must have earned the First Class rank. Please make sure you have your Scout book to verify that you...