2023 Camp Cards
Sale of the Camp Card will help offset unit and Scout costs associated with camping fees. The 2023 Camp Card will be a $5 card with up to 50% commission and includes great offers and discounts to area retailers.

NOTE: Boy Units and Girl Units should be registered separately. Also, all Units should consider ordering additional cards in the form below. Your Scouts will likely sell more then you think, so request additional cards below!

*Camp Card Chair First Name:
This is the individual that is responsible for the unit camp card campaign.
*Camp Card Chair Last Name:
This is the individual that is responsible for the unit camp card campaign.
*Mobile Phone Number:
Mobile number is best. Home number is acceptable, too.
*Please give us your email address:
*What district are you in?
*Your unit type?
*Please provide your unit number:
*Number of active Scouts in your Unit?
Note: You will receive a Sales Kit for each active Scout containing 20 cards per kit. Example - 9 active Scouts, so please enter "9"...we will multiply by 20 for each active Scout you enter.
*Additional Cards requested
Note: In addition to the 20 cards per active Scout (entered above) you may request additional cards HERE. Do NOT include the amount you entered in the "Number of Scouts" Box above. If you do NOT want to request more than the initial 20 cards, please leave this Box as "Zero".
*Please Note: Final approval of order is at the discretion of your Camp Card Staff Advisor. Please order based on the capacity of expected results. You can always order more cards at a later time.
I agree that all Camp Cards and/or monies will be turned in to the Greater Colorado Council no later than Friday, May 29, 2023, at 5:00 pm in order to receive the minimum Camp Card Commission. I understand that if monies are not turned in by Monday, May 30, 2022, at 5:00 pm, commissions drop to 30%. I understand that commissions drop to 15% starting on Monday, June 5, 2023.
*Camp Card Agreement

The Greater Colorado Council will be preparing one display board for each registered unit to use. You will receive the display board when you pick up your Camp Cards.

Questions? Reach out to Charlie Botnick, at Charlie.Botnick@scouting.org or call 720-266-2148.