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Please make sure all information is complete including dates and times prior to submitting. All events must have a location listed at lease 30 days prior to the event or it will be removed from Event Calendar.
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*What type of an Event is this?
If this is a District Event, it will be forwarded to the proper District for posting.
*Type of Event
*Beginning Date of Event
*Ending Date of Event
*Event Beginning Time
*Event End Time
Name of Event Location

If your event does not have a location 30 days prior to the event, your event will be removed from the calendar/web site.

*Event Contact Person
Cell # Email Address
*Professional Advisor
*Please give a description of your event.
The description should sell the product.
*What costs are involved in the event?
Please specify costs, are some individuals a different price? Please provide early or late fees and dates these fees take effect.
*What information do you want reported with each registration?
Please indicate any additional information required other than name and address. Please indicate whether you need unit information, emergency contact information, rank etc.
*Are refunds offered?
Please give refund details.
*Registration Beginning Date
*Registration Ending Date
*Additional Comments/Remarks/Instructions