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Purchase Request

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This form is to be used to request the ability to purchase something for a Pioneer Trails activity or event.

This form is to be completed understanding that the person submitting the form is asking to be approved to go and purchase an item.  Please understand that without prior approval the request may not be approved.  Please do not purchase something and expect to be approved for the purchase.  All items purchased must be part of the budget for the activity or event.  If you request an amount and then need to additional funding than originally requested please make sure you ask for approval for more funds before you commit otherwise you may only be approved and receive payment for the original request.

Person Submitting Request
* First Name
* Last Name
* Email
* Phone
Activity or Event
* What activity or event is this for?  
Money Request
* If approved, how is the payment request going to be made to the Scout Office?
Check Request for Submitted Receipts Please Pay Purchase Order Invoice Other:
* Who needs to be paid?
* Street Address to Send Payment:
Address Line 2
* City
* State
* Zip
Purchase Info
* What is the purchase?
* Amount of Purchase Request?
Please understand you can ask for approval of more than needed. If you purchase something and spend more than approved then you run the risk of only being paid for the approved amount. Please make sure you follow up if the purchase amount changes and you need to request a higher amount.

The process of approving a purchase request goes before the District Committee and its members and through the Key 4 and then through the District Executives.

Please keep a copy of your receipts or the purchase order invoice.  You can even submit a copy of your receipts by taking a picture with your phone and sending the picture of the receipts.  The original receipt is not needed however proof of purchase is needed for records and no receipt or invoice is normally not approved for repayment.

The final approval of payment request is submitted by the District Executives by each Wednesday at noon and then checks go in the mail normally by Friday. Due to holidays and possible schedules some checks may not be mailed in this normal time frame.  

If you need payment by a certain date please make sure you get with the District Executives.

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