Frontier District Committee Meeting

Frontier District Committee Meeting
4500 East Hampden Avenue
Cherry Hills, CO 80113, US
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This meeting is for all District Committee Members, Members-at-Large and any BSA registered adults.


In order to coordinate the work of the district, the district committee usually meets each month on a regularly scheduled date. Because coordination is the focus of the meeting, the agenda needs to reflect that focus. Committee reports provide a basis for assessing progress and planning for the month ahead.

  1. Provide recognition
  2. Check on progress
  3. Plan the work ahead
  4. Establish priorities
  5. Decide who will do what and by when
  6. Provide a training feature.


District Chair: Brian Brown, 303.746.7858

District Commissioner: CJ Mays, 303.748.1023

District Director: Alberto Rodriguez, 786.543.9353