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2021 Annual Order of the Arrow Dues

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2021 Tahosa Lodge - Order of the Arrow Annual Dues


We ran out of the patches below and have a new patch due in a couple weeks. If you order one it will be mailed when they arrive.



OA Lodge Dues are $17.00 per year - If you completed your Ordeal in 2020 (or before) you owe 2021 dues.

Add a Leather Collector Flap for $12.00 and it will be mailed to you. Out of Stock - Sorry

Add a Lodge Flap for $4.00 and it will be mailed to you.

Add both Flap for $16.00 and they will be mailed to you. Leather Flap Out of Stock - Sorry

12/17/2020 - PLEASE DO NOT ADD A LEATHER FLAP As we are Out Of Stock

Have you paid your 2021 Dues or other questions? email info

Transferring Lodges?

If you have moved into the Denver Area Council and want to transfer into Tahosa Lodge please pay your dues online and our Membership Adviser will contact you for additional information.

The lodge flap signifies active dues paid membership in a local lodge. "Members of the OA may be official dues-paying (and, in the case of youth, voting) members of only one lodge, that being the lodge chartered to the council where they reside and have their principal Scouting Registration." 

So, you should pay your dues in the local lodge of the council you now live in and are becoming active in. You should then wear the lodge flap of this local lodge on your uniform. 

Welcome back to active membership in the OA! 


Leather Tahosa Lodge Collector Flap $12.00 - mailed with dues payment Sorry Out of Stock


Tahosa Lodge Flap $4.00 - mailed with dues payment

The Lodge is issuing permanent membership cards and a card will be available to pick up at the next Lodge event you attend if you did not have one issued previously.